VIP Bottle Service

If you’re looking to party like a true VIP high roller while you’re here in Vegas, then you’re going to want bottle service.

With bottle service comes all kinds of amenities. For one, most clubs will allow you to skip even the guest list lines to enter the club.

Bottle Service Nightlife Night Club Las Vegas Guest List Deals Day VIP Dance Liquor

Although entry for girls is almost always free on the guest list, guys are not. But with bottle service, your entire party will receive complementary entry into the club.

You’ll receive your own private, reserved area once you’re inside the club, either at a table or a cabana. You’ll have the pleasure of your own waitress the entire day/evening, and your own liquor bottles of choice. With that you will receive unlimited mixers to use, and a VIP view of the dance floor.

With bottle service you can relax right in the center of the Vegas madness, and still be two seconds from the crazy dance floor.

Sounds perfect, right?

Now, of course, bottle service comes with a very expensive tag attached. But that is where Viva Las Guest List comes in! We are going to help you get the best deal possible.

To book bottle service, please answer ‘YES’ to the “Interested in bottle service?” question on the guest list request form. You can also make a note in the ‘comments’ section which clubs you would like to book bottle service with.

After that a representative will contact you to discuss rates and availability.